Don’t Know What To Watch For Date Night? Here’s Some Ideas.

This pandemic has been hard for everyone. But it really put a stop to going out for date nights. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What you eat is up to you but I have some movie ideas to blow your mind. We have waaay too many streaming platforms for you to say there’s nothing to watch. So here are 5.

1. The Paper Tigers

This movie is number 1 on the list and once you watch it I know you’ll agree. It’s about 3 middle aged men that are estranged friends that come together after their sifu has died under strange circumstances. This is hands down the best action comedy that I’ve ever watched in my entire life. And it’s a perfect way to start your first date night.

2. The Water Man

The Water Man is about a young boy who goes on a search with his friend to find The Water Man, a man with the ability to cure the sick. This movie stars David Oyelowo, Rasario Dawson, Amiah Miller, & Lonnie Chavis. You will have seen all of these friendly faces on the big screen and on This Is Us. The entire movie isn’t sad but you may need to have a box of tissues next to you.

3. Crazy, Stupid, Love

This is one of the funniest romantic comedies that I’ve ever watched in my entire life. Steve Carrell was amazing and showed just how funny (and sad) he could be. This was probably one of the first movies that I really enjoyed watching Ryan Gosling work. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s about a man trying to get back into the dating game after an unexpected request for a divorce from his wife. It’s about two hours long but I know you will love it.

For The Kiddos

Maybe you c

In case you don’t have a sitter tonight, this is the perfect movie for you to put on for the littles (and for you too!). Home is about these aliens that come down to earth trying to escape another group of aliens. We follow Oh (a misfit alien) and Tip (a human girl) while they are trying to escape capture and look for Tip’s mom. It’s super cute and such a funny movie. The littles will love it.

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