Dane DeHaan Gives Amazing Performance In Lisey’s Story

As if the show being based on a Stephen King novel wasn’t enough to make you jump, Dane Dehaan came in with a strong performance. If you’ve seen him in Chronicle or in The Stranger (on the very short lived Quibi app) then you’ve seen just some of what he can do. But in Lisey’s Story, he has given us so much more. His acting getting stronger and stronger with every role and I think that he’s found his pocket.

Lisey’s Story is about a woman mourning the death of her husband (played by Clive Owen). The show picks up 2 years after his death though we do get to see previous years through flashbacks. We don’t know how he died. We don’t know where he died. We don’t know much about her husband. To be quite honest, we don’t know much about anyone. This show is full of questions and each episode will no doubt bring on more questions. What we do know is that Dane DeHaan is playing a stalker that is obsessed with getting his hands on her husband’s unpublished and unfinished works. And he is doing an outstanding job of it. Also, that there is something to do with water.

As you may or may not know, Stephen King’s novels can go so many ways. He can make a good mystery monster thriller but he can also take it dark. So far the show is in a good place for me. But if you don’t see anything else about this show on here just know that I tapped out.

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