The Demise of Sci-Fi Shows

No genre has a higher turnover on network television than science fiction. The fortunate make it to a second season but most get canceled while the first season is still airing. Colony, Emergence, Dark Matter, Firefly, Krypton, Incorporated, Helix, Almost Human, V, the list goes on and on. We get, maybe, two science fiction shows in the fall and by December they’re cancelled. Maybe that’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean. Sometimes they get canceled because of the cost but most of the time it’s blamed on the low views (blame it on the people with the Nielsen devices). Personally, I watch most shows the day after they air. Especially, if those shows are on the CW, CBS, NBC, FOX or ABC. The reception for those channels has been spotty in every house I’ve lived in ever since we made the switch to digital over-the-air TV. Same day views is important but they should definitely think about letting +7 and even +14 day views a little more weight. I’m BUSY and I have a LIFE and I don’t always have the time to watch the show the day it airs.

The number of drama shows that are on the air is ridiculous. That number has only increased with the arrival of This Is Us. Every station now wants their own version of This Is Us. Unlike our sci-fi counterparts, these shows get a second season before the 1st ten minutes of the show finishes airing. That may also be an exaggeration but you know what I mean.

I say all of this to say that if you haven’t heard already, Debris has been canceled. Yes, you read that right. Debris has been canceled and I have so many thoughts about it. The main one being HOW DARE THEY! Sci-fi shows can sometimes be slow to build a following so I feel like they could have at least waited until the second season to cancel. Even if it was canceled halfway through the second season, at least they would have given it a little more time. The second reason is that most science fiction shows usually end the season with a cliffhanger. We saw Finola standing in a cave, glassy eyed, and encased in a protective bubble around her whole body. We don’t know how she got there or why she’s there. I really wanted to know what that ending meant! It’s absolutely maddening.

I know that everyone doesn’t like science fiction. It’s definitely a genre that someone either loves or hates. My only hope is that the networks recognize just how much they could make from the genre and its fans. Just give us a chance!

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