Modern Love – It left me sad but not in a good way

“Season 2 episode 3 of Modern Love “Strangers on a (Dublin) Train”

The second season of the anthology series Modern Love has released on Amazon Prime Video today. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love a good anthology. Normally, I expect to see either all or some of the characters back for the second season but, alas, that didn’t happen this time. It didn’t really matter since I hadn’t watched the first season yet anyway. Something about love stories just doesn’t scream “HAPPINESS!” to me.

Despite the lack of happiness in the series, it was accurate. Painstakingly accurate. To the point where I really had to decide if I wanted to be in a relationship or be married to anyone. I’m now #singleforlife. Now I’m sure that the point of the show wasn’t to make me want to snuggle myself for the rest of my life. It was merely to show love (and infatuation) in all of it’s forms and stages. And I will be the first to admit that the show hit the mark. That was about the only mark that it hit.

It would have been nice if the episodes had actually connected to each other in some way. There’s no person or narrator or a fly on the wall to let you know you’re watching the same show. Which is fine and dandy but even the flow of the episodes wasn’t good. It takes you through a rough ride from a married woman mourning the loss of a car and her ex-husband to friends that finally decide to act on their feelings for each other to strangers on a train and then to single mother. There wasn’t a build to anything. But what can you expect from a show that is based off a news column.

The last bad thing before I get to the saving grace. Modern Love put me to sleep! Ironically, one of the two episodes that I wasn’t bored to my pillow in was about a woman that couldn’t sleep. Every single episode moved like a broken down car in the fast lane. I’m talking flashing emergency lights. Then the dimming of said lights as your alternator goes out and your battery simultaneously dies. And as you recognize what’s going on, you try to get OUT of the fast lane only to be STUCK on the dotted white line between the middle and right lane. Now you’ve caused a whole traffic fiasco. That’s what watching this felt like. A slow-moving traffic fiasco.

Dominique Fishback in season 2 episode 4 of Modern Love “A Life Plan for Two, Followed By One”

The SAVING GRACE for this season was Dominique Fishback. She was the only one that I recognized honestly. The cast is star-studded but those stars aren’t in the genres I watch! She gave me what I wanted. Her show gave me the diversity and pining and love that I wanted from all the other episodes. Maybe my bias is showing because I love watching her act but she understood the assignment.

Now you can do what you want but I’m giving fair warning that if romance isn’t your thing this show definitely isn’t for you. Honestly, even if it is your thing, it still may not be worth the four hours. If you decide to take the plunge Modern Love is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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