We Now Have the Episode Titles for The Umbrella Academy Season 3!!

Netflix Geeked kicked off Day 2 with news for The Umbrella Academy. Steve Blackman- the creator, writer, and showrunner- dropped by and gave us the episode titles for the upcoming season. So far, we don’t have a release date but it seems we’re getting close. He did let it slip that we can be on the lookout for more Easter eggs than ever before and that the track list is going to be legendary. What do you think each episode will be about? Once again, the Umbrella Academy family is going to have to save the world from a catastrophe … Continue reading We Now Have the Episode Titles for The Umbrella Academy Season 3!!

Dane DeHaan Gives Amazing Performance In Lisey’s Story

As if the show being based on a Stephen King novel wasn’t enough to make you jump, Dane Dehaan came in with a strong performance. If you’ve seen him in Chronicle or in The Stranger (on the very short lived Quibi app) then you’ve seen just some of what he can do. But in Lisey’s Story, he has given us so much more. His acting getting stronger and stronger with every role and I think that he’s found his pocket. Lisey’s Story is about a woman mourning the death of her husband (played by Clive Owen). The show picks up … Continue reading Dane DeHaan Gives Amazing Performance In Lisey’s Story

The Reboots Are Coming!

2021 is proving to be the year of the reboots. Now we all know that reboots aren’t anything new. We’ve seen the reboot of 21 Jump Street, Walker, Saved By The Bell, The Wonder Years The original Wonder Years show aired in 1988, three years before I was born. So, naturally, I didn’t watch it and as far as I can remember I never watched the reruns either. It just didn’t appeal to me at all. Even now, I can’t picture myself watching it. I just can’t connect to the characters. But with this reboot I will be watching it … Continue reading The Reboots Are Coming!

Don’t Know What To Watch For Date Night? Here’s Some Ideas.

This pandemic has been hard for everyone. But it really put a stop to going out for date nights. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What you eat is up to you but I have some movie ideas to blow your mind. We have waaay too many streaming platforms for you to say there’s nothing to watch. So here are 5. 1. The Paper Tigers This movie is number 1 on the list and once you watch it I know you’ll agree. It’s about 3 middle aged men that are estranged friends that come together after their sifu … Continue reading Don’t Know What To Watch For Date Night? Here’s Some Ideas.

5 Streaming Titles To Watch In June

A new month is here so that means we get a slew of movies and series coming to all of the streaming services. I’ve handpicked 5 upcoming titles that I believe will be worth the watch. I’ll be reviewing some of these titles and more on my Youtube channel. All of them won’t make it to this site. So make sure to SUBSCRIBE by clicking HERE. I want to get to 100 subscribers by the end of June. I know we can make that happen. 1. Fatherhood (Netflix) – A father brings up his baby girl as a single dad … Continue reading 5 Streaming Titles To Watch In June

Naomi Osaka, Mental Health & Netflix.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Naomi Osaka and her mental health break. It started with a fine, then being threatened by all major tournaments, to her then pulling a BOSS move and pulling out of the French Open. I’m here for it completely. Mental health is always more important than your job. Especially when your job is what is causing you to need a mental health break. Let’s be honest for a moment. Who is watching or caring about these press conferences? I NEVER watch press conferences. I just spent the last two hours watching a tennis game, … Continue reading Naomi Osaka, Mental Health & Netflix.

Look Ahead To This Weekend

We’ve had banger after banger this year of the movies. The release of the same day premieres has been a gamechanger during this quarantine (we’re all still quarantining right?). So we have two MAJOR releases slated for this weekend. You can even catch them early if like to live dangerously on a Thursday night. The first of them is the much anticipated sequel to the 2018 film A Quiet Place, A Quiet Place II! Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, and Millicent Simmonds have reprised their roles as the Abbott Family. The release date for this film was pushed numerous due to … Continue reading Look Ahead To This Weekend