“Open Your Eyes” Netflix Series – Ending Explained

Netflix recently released the Polish series “Open Your Eyes”. It’s a six episode series that follows an amnesiac girl as she tries to recover her memory at the Second Chance center. While she’s there, she starts to feel as though things are not quite right and tries to put together all of the pieces. The foreign series that Netflix releases have twist after twist and “Open Your Eyes” is no exception. If you’re here that means that you more than likely have watched the series. If you haven’t watched the series, know that what comes to follow is SPOILER CITY! … Continue reading “Open Your Eyes” Netflix Series – Ending Explained

Modern Love – It left me sad but not in a good way

The second season of the anthology series Modern Love has released on Amazon Prime Video today. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love a good anthology. Normally, I expect to see either all or some of the characters back for the second season but, alas, that didn’t happen this time. It didn’t really matter since I hadn’t watched the first season yet anyway. Something about love stories just doesn’t scream “HAPPINESS!” to me. Despite the lack of happiness in the series, it was accurate. Painstakingly accurate. To the point where I really had to decide if I wanted to … Continue reading Modern Love – It left me sad but not in a good way

The Demise of Sci-Fi Shows

No genre has a higher turnover on network television than science fiction. The fortunate make it to a second season but most get canceled while the first season is still airing. Colony, Emergence, Dark Matter, Firefly, Krypton, Incorporated, Helix, Almost Human, V, the list goes on and on. We get, maybe, two science fiction shows in the fall and by December they’re cancelled. Maybe that’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean. Sometimes they get canceled because of the cost but most of the time it’s blamed on the low views (blame it on the people with the Nielsen … Continue reading The Demise of Sci-Fi Shows

We Now Have the Episode Titles for The Umbrella Academy Season 3!!

Netflix Geeked kicked off Day 2 with news for The Umbrella Academy. Steve Blackman- the creator, writer, and showrunner- dropped by and gave us the episode titles for the upcoming season. So far, we don’t have a release date but it seems we’re getting close. He did let it slip that we can be on the lookout for more Easter eggs than ever before and that the track list is going to be legendary. What do you think each episode will be about? Once again, the Umbrella Academy family is going to have to save the world from a catastrophe … Continue reading We Now Have the Episode Titles for The Umbrella Academy Season 3!!

Dane DeHaan Gives Amazing Performance In Lisey’s Story

As if the show being based on a Stephen King novel wasn’t enough to make you jump, Dane Dehaan came in with a strong performance. If you’ve seen him in Chronicle or in The Stranger (on the very short lived Quibi app) then you’ve seen just some of what he can do. But in Lisey’s Story, he has given us so much more. His acting getting stronger and stronger with every role and I think that he’s found his pocket. Lisey’s Story is about a woman mourning the death of her husband (played by Clive Owen). The show picks up … Continue reading Dane DeHaan Gives Amazing Performance In Lisey’s Story